We are proud to partner with the following companies in building success of our clients in the Russian market

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Amry Research is pleased to announce a new partnership with InsightOut

Due to the growth of our marketing research services business in 2007, we
have partnered with InsightOut Chicago to provide supplementary client
service managers—complementing our team with broader industry knowledge and
experience, as well as enhanced capacity. Amy Abdallah and Julie Zimring,
founders of InsightOut Chicago, have a total of over 15 years of experience
in marketing research and consumer insights. Partnering with InsightOut
Chicago expands our geographic reach and speed with additional
internationally experienced client service managers who are on call as

InsightOut Chicago is a Consumer Insight and Marketing Research Consultancy
founded and run by Amy Abdallah and Julie Zimring. Their services include
market research design, implementation and analysis, strategy development,
and strategic planning, with significant experience in the following areas:

  • Positioning
  • Advertising strategy development and ad testing
  • Concept and product testing
  • Brand health tracking
  • International research with emphasis in China, Western Europe and
  • Segmentation and needs-states analysis
  • New product development

IMNEX International is a premier one-stop-shop for clients interested in growing sales, effecting mergers & acquisitions, making investments, launching joint ventures and engaging in strategic alliances in the Russia. Clients of IMNEX international include Baker & McKenzie, Case New Holland, Gazprom, Gillette, Ingersoll-Rand, Maytag, Motorola, Pepsi-Cola. IMNEX International is led by Kellogg School of Management professor Helen Teplitskaia.